Friday, May 10, 2013

Baby Talk: Nursing Adventures

Warning Peeps: Breast Discussions Ahead. Consider yourself warned.

Well, my dears, we are done with nursing. The baby toddler is weaned.

It’s been almost two months since the kiddo ceased nursing and the first four weeks were much harder than anticipated, mostly because Ben was awfully fond of our morning ritual. He asked for ‘mama’s milk’ constantly, and even does, still, when he’s feeling particularly glum.

We nursed regularly for the first sixteen months of Ben’s life and then cut back substantially to once-a-day after that. It was our little routine: Ben would trundle into my room after rising and he’d nurse for a bit as I did my best to drag myself awake and greet the day.

I tell people that the only reason we nursed so long was due to pure laziness on my part, not because of any die hard nursing philosophy. But eventually I decided it was time to reclaim my body - Ben was also getting vocally demanding and having a kid holler across the room: "Momma’s Milk, NOW, Mommy", isn’t very endearing. At least I didn’t think so.

But it was the changing of the routine for both of us that was unexpectantly difficult. It was our morning thing and Ben had a hard time figuring out why the order of events had suddenly changed.

There are times when I miss our routine: when he’s still sleepy and cuddly and asks oh-so-sweetly for milk. And when I tuck him in at night and I can’t believe this little boy has grown into a giant toddler, when just yesterday he was a squalling infant, begging for more milk. But time marches on and we’re ready for new phases.

As for Ben, he has a new favorite food: Chocolate ice cream. Nothing can top that.