Thursday, May 09, 2013

Projects: Little Lunchbox

Ben’s sturdy lunchbox got a little makeover this week. 

We started with avocado green (which was looking pretty tired):

I sprayed the top and ends dark blue and then stuck some stickers on the front like so:

Then ends (already painted dark blue) got the fancy tape treatment (as did the handle):

Then the whole thing go sprayed with four coats of baby blue (over the top of the stickers):

Peeling off the stickers took all of two minutes and we were left with the nice dark blue letters. Here is the finished product:

It probably needs a final clear coat to prevent the letters from getting too beat up. It’s rough being a toddler’s lunch box. 

We also did the sticker treatment on the back with our phone number as both Ben and I have a tendency to misplace our possessions.