Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Benisms Vol. 397

Ben likes a good crisis situation, especially if he can tell you about it at top volume:

“OH NO! The choo choo train is trapped in mud!” [or play dough, as the case may be]

“MAMA! I dropped [my] spoon! GET IT!.........  please.”

The other night we watched on the video monitor as Ben carefully unzipped his pjs, removed his diaper, zipped himself back up, and then climbed back into bed. We went upstairs and reattached the diaper so he repeated the procedure immediately upon our departure. This has become a nightly ritual.

We’re clearly in the midst of some sort of diaper challenge. Here’s an email I sent to Chris last week:

Ben took a flying leap onto my stomach this morning. I just about died. I put him in time out for a few minutes to simmer down. He didn’t take kindly to that idea and got his revenge by pulling off his diaper and pooping on the carpet.  

Is it just my child that performs these antics or is this universal among spirited little boys?