Monday, June 03, 2013

From the Blog-O-Sphere

Your latest dose of newsworthy news from around the internet (according to me):

Let’s hear it for Husky Crew!
UW men win their third straight national championship. And check out that nice little shout out for a Holy Names rower at the bottom. Woot!

I never did post the pictures from Windermere Cup this year. Probably one of my very favorite crew venues. You’ll be hard pressed to find a team (nationally or internationally) that can dominate the Huskies in the Montlake Cut. This year was no exception.

Greg the Husky! Whoohoo! - Opening Day - 2004?

Randomly, I was thinking the other day that between Chris, myself, my parents, my MIL, my BIL Greg, and my SIL Alex, we’re only a rower and a coxswain short of a full eight. That could potentially be a speedy little boat...

I was lousy at keeping track of my dad during his annual bike-to-work-month challenge hosted by Cascade Bicycle. Looks like team Sterna Paradisaea is once again on the top of the heap. Not bad for a bunch of old guys (and gal). If you click on ‘Teams’ at the top of the page, it’s fun to see the creative monikers drummed up by groups from around the Sound. Also, major props to my mom for putting up with a husband that spends more time on the bike than he does at home. Good thing it’s only a month long challenge.

Chris sent me this article today: Better than Buffett, This Investor Made Me Rich for Life. Sweet, yes?

Photo: The moment he realized he was a middle child.

Does anybody else watch Nashville? One of my favorite scenes this year was this one:

They are the real life Stella sisters from Canada and have a great cache of stuff on youTube, including this one of Robyn’s Call your Girlfriend. Of course the original is pretty awesome too.

The NYTimes did an interesting piece on engangered monk seals - and why there is  lots of controversy surrounding their comeback among Hawaiians.
(for some reason blogger isn't letting me change that typo in 'endandered' above. Sorry peeps). 

Have a great week.