Monday, September 16, 2013

From the Blog-O-Sphere

I feel like I should be crediting someone with the term “Blog-O-Sphere” since I didn’t coin it. Perhaps it was my friend Rebecca? It definitely sounds like one of her creations. 

Some of these are a little old as I’ve been stockpiling for a while. 

Finally! A beer commercial that isn’t about macho men in pickup trucks attracting very good looking women. Rock on Guinness. 

The Ultimate End Of Life Plan. Yes, we have a lot of these on the blog. That’s what happens when you spend ten years with a 101 year-old grandfather that suffered from severe dementia.

Husky Stadium is finished! And who knew that it had its own unique meteorology? Consult the Cliff Mass weather blog to find out which seats are best for avoiding for downpours and gusty winds. Sorry Dawg Pack, but you guys are getting hosed with your new section.

I would love to wear this shirt. But Chris would wear it right back at me.

Hilarious voicemail from a witness to a traffic accident. Don’t mess with the little old ladies. Made me laugh out loud. [Thanks Sara!].

Ok, now on to the baby/kid-centric posts. 

Talk about an interesting article. The Power (and Peril) of Praising [Thanks Lana!]

Life As An Older Sibling Summed Up In One Photo. We got a cute little pink onsie from a friend the other day and Ben was really excited: “It’s for the baby!”. I have a feeling this is going to last for approximately one more week and then it’s going to be: “Where the $%&@ is MY present?!”.

Airline to offer in-flight nanny service. YES PLEASE!

And last but not least:

Funny pictures of kids from long ago.