Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Late Summer Bridal Shower

A while back we hosted a bridal shower for my sister-in-law Megan. We had a blast putting the whole thing together and so I thought I’d share a few of the details with you.

We ordered a pdf of the invites from an Esty seller and then had them printed on cardstock at our local printer. We added in colorful envelopes from Paper Sources and voila! Pretty invitations.

The morning of the shower my sister-in-law Alex went down to Pike Place Market and bought the most gorgeous bouquets of flowers from the local vendors. Pike Place is a bit of a haul (especially if you live outside of downtown) but if you arrive early, parking is obtainable,  the crowds won’t be present, and the deals are unbeatable. The flower arrangement below was $5. 

And this giant one was $10.

We kept food pretty simple: fresh fruits, salads, dips, meat, and fancy cheese. My sister-in-law Katherine made a pasta salad and my mother-in-law Cherie made a hot salmon dip. That was the only cooking we did. Easy peasy. 

Since Megan is getting married in Hawaii, we went with pineapple sangria. YUM! There was also a non-alcoholic punch which was also delicious (provided by the groom’s madre).

Fancy cheese: Spanish manchego and camembert. We had a few salamis and french bread we picked up that morning.

I loved, loved, loved the flowers. This one was my favorite. For $5! Smokin’ deal. 

Alex picked up French macaroons for dessert in lieu of a cake. Looks very bridal shower-y dontcha think? 

Instead of table cloths we bought big sheets of paper with colorful patterns from Paper Source. 

We had two activities which were pretty low key but were nice little tasks to get people talking and interacting. The first was a little card on which we asked guests to write a favorite quote or bit of marriage wisdom. They we stuck them in envelopes, addressed them to Megan and Eric, and every month in the coming year I’ll pop one in the mail and send it their way.  Chris stated that his card was ‘the best piece of advice they’re ever going to receive’.   :)

The second activity was a game called “Who Said It”? 

We asked Megan and Eric, separately, a set of questions (How many kids do you want, where do you see yourself in 20 years, what is your biggest pet peeve about the other person, etc) and then asked guests to guess if it was the bride or the groom that made that specific statement. 

It was fun - and we loved hearing their answers! 




Invitations: Rosie Day Designs (Etsy).
Cardstock and Envelopes: Paper Source
Flowers: Pike Place Market flower vendors
Macaroons: Bakery Nouveau (on Capitol Hill)