Saturday, September 14, 2013

New Photo Apps

First of all, thank you for your encouraging emails and notes in regards to my swimsuit dilemma yesterday. I am feeling bold(ish)! Now let's just hope that it fits properly. 


Ok, now back to our regularly scheduled programming. 

I'm trying out a new app on my phone today called Phonto. 

It's an nifty little device that allows you to add text to photos. And it's free. ('Extra' features cost more but I've yet to spring for those yet).

I don't have many pics currently on my phone except these random ones from our SoCal trip last January. 

Makes me miss the ocean!

I'm also thinking of splurging on the A Beautiful Mess App ($0.99) which is similar but you can add pretty scrolls, arrows, flowers, and doodads, in addition to text. Also pretty sure you can edit/filter photos, which is not a feature of Phonto. 

I'll keep you posted but so far, so good!