Friday, September 13, 2013

To Bikini or Not to Bikini

Photo via pinterest
Let’s talk swimsuits for a minute.

I don’t own a maternity swimmer because my regular black suit is so old, saggy, and stretched that it might as well be labeled as such. [
Here it is in 2009 - back when I was definitely not pregnant]. Add in a flowered swimcap and I could be a regular at the 10am aquacize class with all the little old ladies. It really needs to be chucked, poor thing.

For our upcoming trip though, I wanted something that didn’t make me feel like I was pushing 85.

But I didn’t want to shell out the $$$ for a pretty maternity swimsuit, given that I’ll probably wear it for a grand total of 5 days. And regular one-piece swimmers don’t exactly fit my current belly-heavy body type.

Which leaves me low on options.

Except for the bikini.

I’ll admit, right now peeps, that the thought of baring one giant, very white belly to the hordes of tanned sun worshipers made me cringe. Big time.

Add in the fact that I’ve reached the stage in pregnancy where I feel like a slow moving hippopotamus and it makes the prospect of a bikini seem ludicrous, to say the least.  Not exactly feeling like I’m in beach-ready shape, if you know what I mean.

BUT. On the other hand:

Why the hell not? Who is really going to care?

And: What other choice do I have? Unless I'd like to be stuck in the granny suit for the entire trip?

So: I ordered myself a new set of swimmers. On sale! Should get here on Monday.

The only problem is this: sizing.

Specifically for the top.

As anyone that’s gone through a pregnancy can tell you, you are ‘blessed’ with a giant chest, all the way up through birth (and breastfeeding). Once those activities cease, however, you’re left with the amazing, shrinking... Well, you get the idea. After I stopped nursing Ben, I dropped three cup sizes. Yowza.

So the dilemma is this: should you order a size to fit your current massively pregnant proportions or something that’ll fit once you’ve resumed your regular shape?

I split the difference and I’m hoping that the end result isn’t too spectacularly skimpy. I’m going to be showing enough skin as it is.

So, we’ll see. At the very least, it would be nice to have something to breakup the monotony of the black sagger suit. Provided I have the courage to put the two-piece on!

Anyone else have this dilemma? Here is some inspiration.

Wish me luck.