Tuesday, September 03, 2013

What’ll keep me going through a wet and grey Seattle autumn

Eek. Our big trip is slowly becoming real. I just booked four nights in Fiji.

People have been reasonably asking us if we’re still going to embark on this adventure now that I’m pregnant - heck ya! Unless, of course, I’m on bed rest or some other possibility that I don’t really care to ponder at the moment.

On another note, have you ever compared the professional hotel photos with the ones that real travelers upload on Trip Advisor? [The photos of our Fiji resort in this post are definitely of the professional variety.]

The difference is often startling, as we learned when we stayed at this generally fine place in Mozambique (before it received a 5-star face lift). Our ‘beach front’ cabana did indeed reside next to the beach but literally had no view of said beach or ocean due to a massive hedge. I kid you not. Not that you could tell that from the resort photos. :)

It’s all about selling the product, right?!