Friday, October 11, 2013

Baby J Quilt

So, as proof that I’m not completely forgetting about this little gal percolating away inside me, I’ve decided to make her a quilt before Ben’s.

I am also telling myself that this is not because hers' is going to be much smaller (read: easier) than her big brother's but because I want her to have something made by her mama when she enters the cold, hard reality of January in Seattle.

Are we going to go the way of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West and only dressing our wee little girl is shades of black, white, and grey?

Well, have a look at the current color scheme:

We’re going to leave the nursery the muted blue that we painted it for Baby Ben so having some warmer colors in the form of quilts, pillows, and curtains might make it suitably cheery. If there are any leftovers, perhaps I’ll do an easy fabric banner like this one from BHLDN.

I might also try and track down some more of that fabric that I made for Baby A this summer as I think the colors would fit in quite well. A few pops of green and yellow might make for some nice contrasting zips - we wouldn’t want too much pink, after all. If such a thing is even possible.

As for layouts, I’m still mulling over possibilities but here are a few ones that are in the running (scroll down a bit past the halloween costumes). 

Oh man. Halloween costumes. Time to get crackin’!