Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Baby J #2 Update

Well, time is zipping right along: I’m almost six months!

It’s so true what they say about second pregnancies: they really do take a back-seat to the crazy toddler that’s running around and causing mayhem. Oh my dear little girl, I am so sorry for the lack of attention.

With Ben’s pregnancy I had a huge chart up on the wall and we plotted my growing belly on a weekly basis. This time around I haven’t taken a single belly profile picture. So today it was time to fix that.

Fortunately, I'm feeling pretty decent right now. I have the usual pregnancy complaints at this stage but nothing too major.  I am always tired, never hungry (no room for my stomach!), and my bladder feels like it’s the size of a pea.

Additionally, this is one very active child. Tap dancing at 3 am is her speciality.

On a related note, I can no longer see my toes.

My shape is a bit different this pregnancy - more rounded below my belly button - and pants that fit just fine during my first pregnancy are now off limits as they’re too constricting around the belly band.

I wasn’t huge at nine months with Ben - he was a pretty average-sized baby at birth (7 lbs) so it’ll be interesting to see if I balloon out with this one or if she clocks in at generally the same weight range.