Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Benism vol. 835

Ben's morning routine goes something like this:

He wakes up, grabs his blanket and truck, and marches into our room.

"Wake up Mommy, it's morning time"

He flicks on the overhead light to accelerate my waking process. Thanks bud.

This morning he added the following announcement:

Wake UP, mommy. I am a big boy and I need my underwear now. And big boys need wine and beer."


 We've been telling Ben that he's too young for wine and he has to wait until he's 'big like daddy' to partake in the adult beverages . Perhaps now that he's a big, underwear-wearing boy he's decided that he's ready for some stiffer stuff.  Sorry kiddo, you're going to have to wait a bit. But kudos on the underwear part.

At lunch today:
"Ben, we're having a picnic today. Cheese, bread and sardines."

Ben eats everything but the sardines. 

"Benjamin, did you try the fish?"

Ben:"Yep. Pretty yucky"

Guess I'm going to remain the lone sardine eater in our house. I get the feeling that most people don't eat them much anymore. I had coworkers that gagged when i used to bring them in for lunch. What about you? Anybody else out there in the sardine camp?