Sunday, October 20, 2013

From the Blog-O-Sphere

Happy Sunday, everyone! Hope you had a fantastic weekend. First of all,
What Does the Fox Say?  Random? Why yes. But sometimes you need some [more] crazy in your life.

Wondering what the hell you just watched? Here is some background.

My Sister-in-law’s new co-working company just got an awesome write-up in the Anchorage Daily News. We are so thrilled for her business to open its doors in a next few weeks. Live in Anchorage? Tired of working in coffee shops? You need a membership.

Parenting: Give the Gift of Wonder. Or: how to avoid ‘Talking it to Death’ syndrome. I am so guilty of this.
One of the simplest ways to increase a sense of reverence and awe is to put yourself on a zip-the-lip regime. Say less, let it mean more. There is an epidemic raging, which I call TTD (Talk it To Death) syndrome. One only has to spend a little time with any American family to see TTD in action: “Why is there a rainbow on the wall?” “Well, Samantha, the sunlight is being split into seven different wavelengths by the refractive index of the crystal on my watch sitting there on the counter.” Wonder and awe quotient abysmally low.

Climate Change. It’s real. And holy crap this article scares the heck out of me. Temperatures To Go Off The Charts in 2047. My mom says she’s going to do all her fabulous scuba diving now because coral reefs, as we know them, aren’t going to be around in 20 years. According to this article, she may be spot-on.

Chris loved the movie and book “Into the Wild”. Here’s a new take on old evidence. How Chris McCandless Died.

I’m Coming Out....As Pro-Vaccine. I want this posted on the door to every pre-school and school that Ben attends. [Thanks Ann!]

Here’s a way to stop your sheep from getting stolen. 

Are you a Tesla worshipper? The problem with elevating people onto the pedastal. Making Nikola Tesla A Saint Makes Us All Dumber. 

And on a similar note: Christopher Columbus was Awful.

Bill Gates’ college years: Dawn of a Revolution

A sweet article: My Most Meaningful Decisions (or how I went completely insane and loved every minute of it)

The Real Shape of American Men. Women, you’re next!

26 Reasons Kids Are Pretty Much Just Tiny Drunk Adults. Loved the last one. If you click on just one of these links, let it be this one.