Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Bailey

Today marks Bailey’s 8th year in our family and thus it has always been his unofficial birthday. 

This picture was taken three years ago and since then his face, chest, and feet have turned almost entirely grey. Our sweet pup is getting old. 

This year the changing of the seasons and the cold weather have been especially hard for the Beast. He can no longer make it into the car for his favorite jaunts and he is mostly content to lie at my feet and snooze away the hours. [This has become less appealing for me as he’s started to emit noxious fumes from the rear end that have immediate room-clearing abilities.] 

I can’t imagine that it’s been easy for Bailey living in a house with a kiddo these last three years, especially as old age has taken its toll, but through it all he’s been the same old sweetheart of a dog - eager for pats, eternally loving, and happy to enjoy the simple things in life: breakfast, gas fireplaces, and cat chasing. Happy birthday bub, we love you.