Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick Or Treating (and the end result)

An epic sugar crash:

Ben’s first experience with trick or treating was about as successful as one can get: amazing how quickly the little tykes learn the ropes when candy is on the line. 

And then the above picture occurred, preceded by an epic whining/yelling session. Ah, the joys of candy-fueled children. 

That would have been it for our halloween adventures except for the following:

Chris was working late so I was the solo parent, responsible for shepherding our little dino around the block. Not wanting to leave the other kiddos out in the cold, I left a small bowl of candy on the front porch. I fully expected it to be empty upon our arrival home. I mean, what kid doesn’t come across such a bowl and promptly dump the entire thing into his bag?

But it was full. With a few candy bars strewn about in the vicinity. What the?!?!

The answer soon became apparent in the galloping form of Bailey, appearing like a jolly angel of death, round the corner of the house. 

Can you imagine a black and shadowy 100-pound beast suddenly bearing down upon you at top speed as you’re politely filling your bag with booty?

No wonder there was candy all over the ground. The kids had fled in terror. 

I’d put him in the back upon our departure but he was so eager to greet the kiddos that he went ninja on the fence between the two yards. And here we thought he was a doddering old canine.

We’ll be lucky if we ever get another trick or treater again.