Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Holy moly Peeps, this halloween has really crept up on us, as evidenced by the fact that all three of the pumpkins on our porch are (and will in all likelihood remain) un-carved. But we did pull together a suitable dinosaur costume for the bambino, thanks to an Old Navy PJ sale, googly eyes, and a lot of felt. 

We’ll see if the costume makes it home today in one piece. He insisted on wearing it to preschool, which is a rough environment for clothes.

Claws up! Roaring is about to commence. 

Our guy is a pretty slim little boy; it appears that he’s having a bit of trouble keeping his tail properly hitched up. Nothing my middle-school computer teacher couldn’t fix without a few bungee cords (the answer to the 13-year-old boy saggy pants problem!).

Only the coolest dinos wear converse. 

Ben decided he was going to practice roaring at Bailey. 

Which is great but there’s really no competition. Bailey practices on the neighborhood cats on a daily basis so he is well-versed in the procedures and has better lung capacity. 

Whoa. He even got the crazy eyes in there. 

Game over.

May you have a great halloween Peeps, filled with Rocky Horror Picture (Chris’ favorite) and candy that doesn’t pad your hips!



PS: The best equine halloween costume ever and a master of make-up (really. check out this last one!).