Monday, November 25, 2013

Big Boy Room

Guess who got himself from new digs this weekend?

This little cowboy:

Not surprisingly, he waffled between excited and disgruntled. We tried to make it about him (A Big Boy Room! Just for you!!) and not about the fact that he was getting kicked out of the nursery because of the incoming baby.

He mostly bought it.

I also tried to convince him he was getting the room with the best view in the house but pretty lakes and sunsets don’t mean much to an almost-three year old.

The baby isn’t due until Jan 20th so we wanted a few good months under his belt in his new room for adjusting.

We were in the doctor’s office last week checking to make sure an ear infection had fully healed and she handed us this article: Sibling Rivalry Toward a Newborn. I like it, especially referring to the newcomer as ‘our baby’.

We’ve already seen a few changes in Ben, mostly crawling around, crying, and ‘pretending to be a baby’ and I’m sure that’ll only intensify from here on out.

As for the new room, I’m hesitantly labeling it a smooth transfer. He took a good nap in there yesterday and went down fairly easily. We’ll see what the following week brings.



PS: Those curtains are in the process of getting shortened. They went in before the heater so we’re having to make a few adjustments.