Friday, November 01, 2013

From the Blog-O-Sphere

Your weekly dose of what’s happening in the world (according to yours truly).

First up:

How does a 6’5” dad fit into a toddler bed? Creatively. The boys took a snooze the other day and Chris  proved once again why he is so darn good at yoga.

Tell a friend: You are a good mama.   My Darlings: You are a good Mama. Papa. Pet owner. Human. Keep up the good work, Lovelies.

Anybody else remember the huge hullabaloo in Seattle when a kid went to popular dive spot and punched that octopus to death in front of a crowd of horrified onlookers? Here’s another take on that. [Full disclosure: As a diver, having interacted with these beasties, I’m firmly in the anti-killing camp. Sorry kids but I like think they are way too cool for school. For once, I actually practice what I preach on this one: I don’t eat them, either. No octo sashimi for me. Of course, I do eat lots of cute/intelligent/interesting critters so I found the article to be fascinating.]

Ahh religion. Love this gentle poke at all things theological. Take with a grain of salt, my dears.

Speaking of religion, I keep fairly loose tabs on the catholic church, thanks to six years in the catholic school system. And I’m cautiously optimistic about the new Pope. Especially when he comes up with stuff like this: Bishop of Bling is suspended, ‘We must always consider the person’, and, my favorite, the boy who hugged the pope. Keep up the good work, Senor.

32 People Who Are Having A Really Rough Day. 

Let’s Hear it for the Warwick University Rowing Club! Rock on, gentlemen. [Probably not safe for work, fyi]

Forty Thoughts on a Fourth Daughter.  So very sweet. And funny.

This one is for Chris: Macklemore, a look back on the year that changed everything. Can I just say that I love, love, love when celebs are humble and grateful? The arrogance of most of them just kills me. I’m looking at you Golden Tate and Richard Sherman.

I might be on board with Chris’ northwest modern architecture obsession if I had a house that was as cool as this one. Or maybe a just an art studio/office/guest cottage. Because I’m not willing to give up my hoarding tendencies for a house this tiny. At least not yet. Ask me on a day when I’m feeling completely overrun by legos, dog chew toys, and dirty clothes.

And on the other end of the housing spectrum, check out this place in Marin. Only for a cool 19 mil.

And last but not least: Quirky portraits of couple swapping clothes.

Have a great weekend, Peeps!

xo, Sonja