Monday, November 04, 2013

Holiday Card Season - Get Crackin'

After last year’s holiday card debacle, we are ditching the postcard route and going with the card-in-envelope approach. More paper, more postage, but hopefully arriving at their destinations without a big smear across Chris’ face from the address reader at the post office.

There are so many choices out there: simple and modern (#s 1 and 2), sweet (#3), hand sewn (!) (#4), funny (#5) and I’m especially loving the unusual shape of #6. Paired with one of these envelopes, they’d be pretty nifty, don’t you agree?

Card Sources:
1. Minted 2. From etsy seller Casalastudio 3. TinyPrints 4. From Luscious Verde 5. From Minted, although I think perhaps they don’t carry it anymore. Cheeky, no?!  6. From etsy seller BlushPrintables