Thursday, November 21, 2013

Seattle Activities: Swansons Nursery

My Dears, 

I grew up getting dragged to this Crown Hill neighborhood nursery by my mom as a kid but somehow it has magically morphed into a child-fantastic wonderland. 

Let’s start with the trains, shall we? 

There is a reason why we went back to the model train exhibit four times and here he is (standing in awe):

My only beef with the display is that they stocked the surrounding shelves with for-sale trains (I suppose I can’t really hold that against them, given that it is a store); and they’re all arranged perfectly at toddler level. Our last exit from this area was punctuated by some very angry, unhappy wailing from the bambino. Am I allowed to mention that I’m really not loving this pouting, whining stage of toddler-hood? 

Speaking of trains, I was all hot on taking Ben to the Pacific Science Center’s model train extravaganza this year until I realized that it’s Jan 18-20th, 2014. Otherwise known as Baby J’s due date. Probably not gonna happen this year...

Next up it was a visit to the koi pond:

Followed by a hot cocoa in the cafe. And a pastry. A little breakfast date with my boy. The cafe menu looked terrific (think hummus plates, pizzas, hot sandwiches, etc).

And then the biggest attraction of them all: reindeer! And a camel!

Dasher and Blitzen were delightful.  I probably shouldn’t mention how much I love the reindeer sausage from the food carts in downtown Anchorage....but they’re fabulous. Sorry gals, but that’s the honest truth.

We also met Curley the Camel. Ben told me I was a camel the other day because I had a hump (pregnant belly). He was quick to clarify, too: “You’re just a one-hump camel, Mama, not a two-hump." Um, thanks? 

You and me, Curley, we’re two peas in a pod. Just call me Dromedary Sonja. 

[Randomly, do you know the difference between a one humper and two humper? Dromedaries have one hump and Bactrian camels have two. You can remember it this way: one humped camels have the sideways shape of a ‘D’ on their back for dromedary, and two humped versions form a ‘B’ on their backs for Bactrian!]

We got there at 10am, which is one of their snack times (4 pm is the other one). We fed raisins to the reindeer. Ben wasn’t quite brave enough to hand out bread to ole Curley. 

 Blitzen also went seriously gaga over the Christmas tree they hung in the pen. That thing will be nothing but a twig when she’s finished with it. 

You can also get your picture taken with a third reindeer “Jingle” on Nov 30/Dec 1 for free. Or sit with Santa starting this weekend (photo fees apply). 




Swansons Nursery
9701 15th Avenue NW
Seattle WA 98117

Open 9-6

Entrance is free but be a good person and buy a reindeer button ($2) or a pastry from the shop.