Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sewing Projects: Baby Quilt


We finally have a finished quilt for our little baby girl. 

 I posted a few in-progress pictures a while back but here are a few additional shots. Thanks so much for your suggestions on colors and patterns, blogger and fb folk!

It’s funny, this was my first quilt but I kept finding similarities between the quilting process and painting (houses):  70% prep, 30% actual sewing work. Who knew it took so long to wash, press, and cut?!

The pieced quilt top (note the slightly different color blocks, depending on fabric bolt lengths):

I’ll fess up: I lovelovelove this quilt. Probably because of the crazy number of bright and cheery colors. It’s been rare that I've adored a sewing project this much upon completion.

I waffled for days over the backing material but finally decided on a plain coral fleece. Nice and cozy.

Sandwiching the whole thing together was a challenge. I think this part, along with the binding, was the most stressful because each stitch was visible on the finished product. My sewing machine can be a bit temperamental  and I’m not talented enough to soothe it in a way that makes for perfect stitches 100% of the time. So there are a few visible mess-ups, but nothing too egregious. 

I owe a big thank you to my friend Megan for providing advice, support, and the loaning of quilting gadgetry during the process. 

Final sizes: This is a crib quilt. The finished measurements are roughly: 41”x 58”. 

Each finished colored strip is 4.5”x 41". Each white strip is 1”x41”. The width of your quilt will depend on how thick the selvage is on each piece of colored fabric. I lost about an inch in width overall. 

My raw cut strips were slightly wider to account for seam allowances (1/4” on each side): 5” (colored strips) and 1.5” (white strips).

And there you have it! Hopefully our little girl will be toasty warm when she arrives in January.