Friday, January 03, 2014

The not-yet-finished nursery... Is getting closer

Yes, I just said that the blog was going to be quiet for a few weeks. 


Then I finished up the bench for the baby's room during Ben's nap time and I couldn't resist posting a little photo. 

This had been a last minute project and I can't wait to see how it looks in the finished nursery. Now off to find a few storage baskets. 


  1. So cute! What did you use for the cushion? Did you have a piece of foam custom cut?

  2. Randomly, I had the foam already - they used to be backrests on my parent's bed for many years. So I just had to cut it down to size. But for Ben's cushion a few years ago I did buy foam from a fabric store. It's not cheap, either. I've also seen it occasionally sold at fed Meyer/target

  3. During the summer camping season, that is. My advice is to get the thickest, most dense stuff you can afford. Or even buy existing cushions and recover them.