Friday, January 03, 2014

Waiting for Baby

Things are going to be pretty quiet on the blog for the next few weeks; we’re just laying low and trying to soak up as much one-on-one Benjamin time as possible. 

I realized that I’m feeling a bit melancholy - mourning the loss of our special mom&kid together time; life is going to be very different for our family in a few short weeks. Not bad, certainly, just different.  

Here’s a prime example: After breakfast on these cold mornings we usually pop back into bed for some additional cuddle time and reading; it’s one of my favorite daily activities. I’m not sure if I should try to include the baby in these moments or if we should start to discard the practice entirely as the scope will surely change with the introduction of the wee babe. 

We are so excited to meet our little girl - but I also know that it’s going to be hard for everybody to adjust and it’ll be natural for Ben to feel like he’s been swept aside in favor of the latest model. 

Any advice, my dears? We’ve been calling her ‘our baby’ for months and Ben is happy to dole out pats and kisses to my belly on a daily basis but also quick to feel slighted when told that certain items ‘are for his baby sister’. I worry about my little guy; he is such a sweet soul and knowing that the first few months might be pretty tough on him is hurting my heart. 




  1. He'll be just fine. Include baby in those special times. Baby is just as special. If you get rid of things/moments he'll think baby is the reason. No need for that…you're just including baby now. :) There will be adjustment, but you are giving him a great gift…a sibling, a friend. Remember…he was given a great gift of that special time…that baby, well, she doesn't get that same amount of time with you until Ben goes to school full time. He'll have his time with you one on one because you'll create it. Running an errand while leaving the baby with Chris. When the baby is napping you'll be with him. You'll have a lot more time than you think. And try your best not to feel badly for him. In a couple of months he won't even remember a difference. Kids are super resilient. I think the moms have a tougher time prepping themselves for the change than the kids do dealing with it in the end. ;) Some of the greatest moments as a new mom of two were having my baby in the crook of my arm on the couch while my toddler sat on my lap. Content as could be. It'll be great! :)

  2. Thanks Amanda! This is definitely a hard issue for me to struggle with, especially given that I’m an only child. I’m not used to the give and take (and constant compromising) that is necessary between siblings. I’ve had so many people recommend ‘dates’ with the older sibling in an attempt to give them a little personalized attention. I definitely love that idea.

    Today we had a midwife appointment and she said that her oldest was totally enthralled with the baby for 30 minutes and then spent the next six months(!) coming up with ways to dispose of the newest addition. He was also good at tipping over the baby’s car seat and throwing blocks at the poor little guy. Quite the introduction to life, wouldn’t you say?! I should have asked how they’re doing now...several years later.