Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Send Her Back.

Well my dears,

We knew things weren't going to remain copacetic forever. Benjamin has officially grown tired of Emma. Or rather, he's grown tired of her constant demands on my time.  

It's come out in an interesting way too, in that (so far), its directed at us, rather than her. Ask him to do something, anything, and the immediate response is 'no way, Jose'. Or a simple, succinct 'NO'. 

Stop throwing Cheerios? No.
Put on your shoes? No.
Cease chucking a baseball at my head? No.
Refrain from drawing on the wall? No way, Jose.

As one of his little buddies at preschool proudly informed me today: 'that's my friend Benjamin. He was a little bit out of control yesterday'. 

Well put, sweetie.

I am aching for my poor little guy.  Between bouts of extreme frustration, that is. 

And who can blame him? His whole world has been turned upside down, his time with his mama is in short supply and suddenly, shockingly, he is supposed to be the (more) independent one. I'd be seething too. And throwing tantrums.

I want so badly to tell him that I hope one day he'll be grateful for his sister. I want to point out how much his daddy adores having siblings. How having Emma in his life could be a very wonderful thing. But I can't, at least not in a way that he'd understand.  

If you see us out and about these next few weeks, give our kiddo a hug. Poor little guy could use it right about now.