Monday, February 17, 2014

State of the Union

Perhaps State of the Family Address would be a more appropriate title. 


We’re hanging in there. Emma has decided that the only place she’s willing to nap is securely attached to one of her parents. I am the preferred candidate these days, given my status as food provider as well. Snack and nap is her current modus operandi. And holy frijole, peeps, I’d forgotten just how much time babies spend eating in these first few months. But boy I love cuddling the little gal; she snuggles right in and make happy little sighs and grunts(!) of contentment. 

Emma is going through the not-terribly-attractive baby peeling stage, as our midwife calls it. You know, when they pretty much lose the top layer of skin, particularly around the eyes and nose. I suppose I’d be peeling too, if I spent nine months immersed in amniotic fluid.  Add in a bit of cradle cap around her eyebrows and I’m constantly having to stop myself from picking at all the little bits and pieces that are flaking off. Ick!

Chris and I keep marveling at the amount of chub this little girl is sporting. Her checks alone must account for 20% of her body weight. And then I ran across my baby book this weekend and found out where she got it from:

That would be me, at approximately the same age Emma is now. Mystery solved! 

Here are a few more:

And my parents, sporting the same tired look that I currently have:

And here is a birth class reunion photo. I’m that monster of a baby in blue (middle right).

But at least I’m not trying to bite the head of the neighboring baby, like the kiddo next to me is attempting to do:

Love that one.

I think one of the reasons I take so many photos of my kids is that I have fond memories going through my own baby book as a kid. Still do in fact, so I suppose not much has changed.

Speaking of not changing, this last weekend my parents took us out for my birthday dinner to my all-time favorite neighborhood restaurant: Toyoda Sushi in Lake City. According to my mom, we’ve been going there since I was three, so thirty years. It’s our ‘special event’ place and the place I’ve been craving the most, ever since I discovered I was pregnant. [Darn that no sushi rule for pregnant women!].  Nothing has changed: it’s still run by a lovely family and the food is simple and delicious. I can still remember bellying up to the [sushi] bar to order ‘tekka maki, no wasabi’ as a wee little one.

On a side note, Chris was walking through the Chicago airport this week and saw somebody sporting a Toyoda Sushi shirt; they evidently have a cult following!

Other than that, it was a pretty casual weekend. We did a little house work (new windows in the basement! Photos coming soon) and watched some olympics.



PS: Actually I should clarify that: We moved stuff around in the basement so someone else can install new windows. They’re currently down there hammering and drilling. Ben, after going down there to introduce himself and check out the situation, came back up and stated: “Mommy, I need a tool belt”. Right. How to explain to my toddler that only professionals get to knock out the windows with their hammers? Ben is itching to give it a go...