Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Vegetable Valentines

Do potatoes even qualify as vegetables anymore? Or are they lumped in with the starches these days?  I realize they're pretty low on the totem pole when it comes to nutritional value, but they still technically qualify as a veggie, right?

The title ‘Starch Valentine' doesn't have quite the same ring to it so we're sticking with vegetable. 

Anyway, where was I? 

Oh right. Valentines! Did you guys make potatoe stamp artwork when you were a wee one?

Ben and I did a little stamping yesterday for the cards he's going to distribute at preschool on Friday. 

Frankly, the concept of Valentine’s Day is a little beyond him. We've been calling it ‘Friendship Day' around here. 

Right. So this is what we concocted:

And now for the pictorial play-by-play:

The stamping in action. 

I made the card templates in MS Word. Print extras if you're working with a toddler!

A little smudged but still acceptable. Eh. They’re for toddlers - who are they to take issue with sloppy artwork, right?

Fold it up and we're ready to roll. Friendship day is in the bag.

xo, Sonja

PS: Speaking of toddler artwork, I was not prepared for the volume of art-like stuff that starts coming home with kids once they start preschool. Mountains of ‘masterpieces’.

I recently installed a ‘artwork bag’ in the car; everything goes straight from Ben’s preschool cubby into the bag. Because let’s face it, not every scribble needs to be displayed in the place of honor on the fridge. A select few will emerge from the bag and once again see the light of day. But you can bet your bottom dollar that anything adorned with glitter (ack!) is going straight from the bag into the recycle bin (aka artwork heaven).