Friday, February 07, 2014

The Annual Report

It’s time for Ben’s ‘annual report’. I love doing these - we’ll keep ‘em up for at least a few more years.

Ben had his three year checkup this week so we got his official growth stats. Thankfully they don’t do head circumference measurements at this age so I’m not reminded that both my children have inherited my Dorrance pin head. He’s at a healthy 80th percentile for growth and 50th percentile for weight.

As for foods, he’s still a fan of last year’s winners: milk, hummus, and oatmeal, but given the choice he’d probably eat exclusively milk, pizza, and chocolate ice cream. Such is the life of toddlers.

He was a dinosaur for halloween this year and he takes great pride in his summersaults and throwing skills. Obsessed with trains, monsters, alligators, and Emma.We added a ‘Daily Life of Ben’ category which discusses his daily routine, preschool, and bedtime activities.

Definitely a fun memento for the kiddo to have as he grows older.

Click on image for a larger picture.

Given that Ben moved into a new room over three months ago, it’s probably time to hang some artwork. I’ve got the perfect spot for these pieces.