Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Projects: Baby Emma's First Month

A few weeks ago I mentioned being slightly worried about my ability to keep up with the photos and such that we'd done for Ben and consequently needed to do for Emma as well. Fortunately it hasn't really been an issue thus far, most likely due to the fact that I like taking photos, writing journal entries (hello blog!), and assembling albums. Ask me how I'm doing at week 50. ;)

Here is a little album we did for Emma, thanks to a shutterfly group on.

And like Ben's, it's heavy on photos with just a few words. 

I almost didn't include these pictures as I wanted this to be a book about Emma, not her brother, but in the end decided they were worth having as he was a very big part of her early days. And I'll be able to look back and say: "Ben, you were such a sweathart to your sister. What happened!?”

Big yawns and unintentional smiles: this is my favorite page.