Saturday, April 26, 2014

Arcade Lights at Pike Place Market

My Dears!

Happy Weekend! Chris and Ben are off to a preschool event this morning so lil chipmunk and I are doing a bit of blogging. Evidence:

Last night my parents watched the kids and I went downtown and met Chris at his building. Hellooo up there.

We were headed to Arcade Lights, a local food and wine event hosted by Pike Place Market. 

At the door they handed out wine glasses and several tokens that you exchanged for tasty artisan bites. 

There were a ton of vendors: Beechers cheeses, Mt. Towsend Creamery, Tom Douglass, Pike Place Fish, and a dozen local beer and wine brewers. We headed straight for the seafood vendors: cioppino with mussels and fish,  crab cocktail, and tasty shrimp. I could eat seafood

Chris will also never pass up pulled pork sliders. I went for the beef empanadas, artisan pizza, and Uli’s Famous Sausages, all topped off with a chocolate orange ice cream. The event was packed but there really weren’t any lines for food, you just had to jockey your way up to the table and they handed over the goodies. 

Afterwards, I dropped Chris off at the baseball game...evidently it was free hat night. Hats that come with built-in beards. I’m still mystified by the beard thing but Chris reported that they made for excellent chin warmers. 

Have a great rest of your weekend, Peeps!