Sunday, April 27, 2014

Codger and Cub

Today we held a big joint birthday bash/welcome party for my Mama and Emma. We dubbed it the Codger and Cub fiesta. Here are the invitations we sent out:

I would like to note that my madre was a-ok with the 'codger' label. In fact, she suggested it. Love my mom's sense of humor.
Besides, you only turn 65 once; why not have a big party? Plus, now she qualifies for all those senior citizen discounts.

Miss Emma was her usual laid-back self and was content to be handed 'round. She is one chill baby, so long as she's in someone's arms.

We decided early on that we wanted this to be an easy party: no cooking allowed.  We discovered that PCC has a great selection of deli platters . Order them a few days in advance and they'll be ready for pickup on the day of your event.

The caprese salad skewers were great, as well as a Moroccan sweet potato salad and marinated beef skewers. The Caesar salad was nice, as was the hummus. The other dips were ok, but not ones I'd order again. The portions were huge; we had about 40 people in attendance and plenty of leftovers.

We supplemented the deli trays with fancy cheeses and fruit. Again, easy foods that only require assembly.
And my personal favorite: a salmon fillet from Oregon. I'm pretty sure I ate about half of this!
It wouldn't be a family party without homemade ice cream. Ben had four bowls. Kiddo was in heaven. My uncle, who was on ice cream distributing duty, kept asking him: "Are you sure your mom said it was ok to have another bowl?" and Ben would dutifully run off to go ask me for permission. "She said yes, more ice cream please!". 
Did he really come to ask me? ha. Of course not. Devious little imp.
And last but not least, my dad got to show off his Jack in the Pulpit flower. Is that thing crazy or what?

Our little guest of honor: completely oblivious to the fiesta. But her parents and grandparents sure enjoyed it. Feeling so grateful to have wonderful family friends.

Love you Mama! Happy Birthday.