Friday, April 18, 2014

Chocolate Overload in T minus Two Days

It's almost Easter weekend. In our house that means egg dying and lots of chocolate. We successfully colored a few eggs yesterday and Ben takes them out of the fridge every few hours to admire his handiwork. 

It reminds me of the time growing up that I was so enamored with one of my eggs that I refused to eat it, instead hiding it in a little box under my bed for a few weeks. 

Predictably, it went (very!) bad and my parents mounted a massive room search in order to find the source of the noxious smell. 

We'll see if Ben can bring himself to eat his little beauties. Just imagine Gollum petting his precioussss and you'll have a pretty good idea of Ben's level of attachment. 

We're having brunch and an egg hunt with the family on Sunday. I am actually really excited; I loved doing this stuff as a kid and it's neat to see Ben jazzed about it as well. He is anxiously awaiting the Easter bunny's arrival. :)

Have a great weekend, my dears!