Friday, April 18, 2014

How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight (for Toddlers and their parents)

There are only so many times a parent can read Hop on Pop before they go a little batty. Thus, we are always searching for new reading material in our house.

My toddler never does things in half measures: if he’s going to love something, he’ll love it wholly and completely. His favorite book? He’ll ask to read it seven times a day. And it must accompany him to bed.  This lasts for about two weeks. And then he’s ready to move on to a new favorite obsession.

We had a minor crisis the other day because he wasn’t quite done with the current crop of favorites and he didn’t understand why they had to go back to the library. “Well just buy them for me, mommy. I don’t want to send them back!”  Oh, child. We need to have a little talk about money.

He’s had a few stinker obsessions too. I’m kind of ready to be done with garbage trucks, for example. But dinosaurs? Never. Especially after my parents brought over the “
How Do Dinosaurs...” series by Jane Yolen.

They are awesome. The verses are great (we’re always on board with rhyming books) but the illustrations, especially of the poor, bewildered parents, are pure gold.

When he hears, “Take a nap!”
does he give dirty looks?
When he’s told, “Quiet down!”
does he rip up his books?

No cookies today?
Fling a mug at the cat!

From How Do Dinosaurs Say I’m Mad?

At the conclusion of each book, the dino works out his problems or decides it really is time for bed. Although, between you and me, I like the ‘mad, stubborn, and mischievous' parts best. Reminds me of my own little stinker.

He cleans up his mess, 
and he picks up the mug.

He says, I’m so sorry.”
He gives a big hug. 

His anger is gone,
so he opens the door.

Not mad? I’m so glad, 
little dinosaur. 

Here is an interview with the author on how the series came to be. 

As for Emma, we have a few favorites.

These two will never get old for me:

Time for Bed, by Mem Fox:

and the classic Going To Bed Book by the always-lovely Sandra Boynton.

What are your favorites, My Dears? Any recommendations? We’d love some suggestions.

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