Thursday, April 17, 2014

Double Trouble

This week we hung out with some friends from an old preschool - ones we hadn’t seen in nine months.

They have our combination: a three year-old son and a new baby girl.

My Dears, you’ve never seen little boys that instantly clicked like these two. Ben was in heaven. Their kiddo is very much like ours: lots of energy, very verbal, and with a gleeful mischievous streak. It. was. awesome.

Watching them together, I thought: kismet. These two are perfectly matched.

It was fun to watch but also, and I’ll be truthful here, slightly nerve-wracking. These kids were on fire. You can do that?! I can do it too! And higher!  

You could practically see them rubbing their hands together, grinning gleefully at one another, and asking: “What glorious bit of mischief should we engage in now?!”

Shall we throw sand? YES!

Shall we egg each other on as we jump off high ledges? YES!

Shall we run through this couple’s romantic picnic down by the water? MOST DEFINITELY.

And for good measure, Ben fell in the lake. Twice.

Fortunately, with boys so similar, we’re both pretty good at baby wrangling. And we’re quick runners/retrievers. There is a sense of security that goes along with having another mother who is equally well-versed in high-energy toddler antics. And she probably won’t judge you near as much as that mama with the quiet little gal that plays so demurely with her dolly and is shooting horrified glances at your holy terror of a toddler.

Because she’s been there. She knows what these boys are like. And she loves her boy just like you love yours: fiercely, protectively, proudly, and (perhaps) with slight bemusement and mystification.

Later that night I saw this article [
toddler found safe inside bowling alley arcade machine] and thought: Ah yes, there are many of us out there. We are not alone.