Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Toddler Outings

Ben and I did an adventure over to my parents’ yard a few weeks ago. I love their garden in the Spring; everything is fresh and new. Things are always popping up in unexpected places. We had a picnic (food being an essential part of any outing) and then sailed paper boats on the pond. 

The fish were not impressed by these new interlopers. We used this particular origami model (I also like the look of this one, too). 

Not surprisingly, the boats lasted about ten minutes before they started taking on water.  But it was long enough for a good race and we got to slip into our pirate lingo for a bit (always a plus for Ben).

Arggg! She be sinking, matey!

There are several ponds in the Seattle area that would make for a good pirate face-off. The best is probably the one at SLU: Lake Union Park (right next to the new MOHAI building). The Center for Wooden Boats rents wooden pond boats.

Also: Greenlake might be a good sailing place, particularly in the summer when you can wade in after them. The ponds at Meadowbrook would also work (although getting them back might be tough).