Sunday, July 27, 2014

Emma: Finished Birth Announcement

Well, it took almost seven months but I finally finished Emma’s announcement.  I fuzzed out a few bits but you get the general idea:

Front and back:

I’m slightly embarrassed by how long it took me to design, print, and mail them out. Six months is the official cut-off for baby cards and well...we were past that by a bit.

So we sent them to a small group of family/close friends and called it good.

I like to do one fancy card and envelope for the baby of honor, which usually means an envelope liner. I ended up buying two sheets of paper (the first design can be seen in the leading photo) although I haven’t yet decided which will go in the baby book.

Did you know that the President will send your baby an official welcome note if you send him a birth announcement? From one president to a (future) president.

Just kidding. :)

The envelope color is persimmon and it a gorgeous pinkish red, although it looks flat-out scarlet in these photos.

I have a short tutorial for envelope liners that I’ll post shortly.




Photos and Card Design: Sonja (me!)
Printing: Vista Printing
Envelopes: Paper Source
Liners: Marigolds and Midnight Floral by Rifle Paper Co. (both from Paper Source)