Monday, July 28, 2014

DIY Envelope Liners for Birth Announcement

I’m pretty sure that I’ve posted a tutorial for envelope liners previously but they’re fun to do and an easy way to spiff up an announcement so here is another quick little tutorial. 

Tools required:

Envelope (these are size A7)
Thin, non-ribbed cardboard (I used a GAP gift box top) (must be bigger than envelope) 
X-acto knife
Double sided tap
Decorative paper (not shown), used for the liner

Nice to have: A cutting mat

Start by tracing the outline of the envelope onto the cardboard 

Like so:

Cut out the envelope shape:

Snip off a few inches from the bottom. I will also trim a bit from the sides so it easily slides into the envelope.

You want to make sure that the cardboard doesn’t interfere with the glue strip on the envelope. This is perfect:

Using your new cardboard template, lay it onto your liner paper (which should be face up), and cut around it with the knife. 

Slip the liner into the envelope to make sure it’s a good fit:

With the liner still inserted, bend it backwards (but don’t crease) and then use the tape gun to lay down a line of tape that mimics the glue line

That’s the glue line of the envelope along the outside and my tape line immediately below. This is the only place the liner is attached to the envelope. 

Lay your liner down against the tape (give it a good rub to make sure it’s attached) and then fold the envelope flap down to create the crease. 

Like so:

This is what it looks like when you re-open the envelope:

Insert your card, put a little spit on that glue line, and ta da! finished. 



PS: Here are a few more pictures of the finished product, along with sources of the cards, envelopes, and paper.