Thursday, July 31, 2014

Family Happenings

We’ve been laying low this summer, my dears, so I don’t have much to report. 

Our baby juncos hopefully flew the nest without incident. They’re only in the fledgling stage for two weeks and then poof! gone. Have a good, long life little ones. 

Unfortunately I didn’t pick any lettuce while they were in the nest to give them a bit of privacy and now the lettuces have gone to seed. Eh. There is always next year. 

Things are doing well in other departments though. These guys were turned into Indian curry last night.

Look what else is growing: Little Em! Who is not so little. We had her six month appointment on Monday and she topped out the charts at 96% (for length). Girl is taking after her papa. 

On a side note: her pediatrician has this really lovely habit of finishing up the appointment by looking deep into the babe’s eyes and saying: “____, you are perfect. Perfect in every way”.   It’s sweet. And what mama doesn’t love hearing that about their baby, right? Even if she tells it to every kid. :)

Emma is also up on all fours and doing a sweet backwards slide. She’s close to crawling, I’m sure of it. Ben wasn’t mobile until 10 months so this is a bit of a rude awaking for us. I’m not entirely sure I’m ready to chase down two kids on a daily basis. 

We celebrated my dad’s birthday this week. Ben helped introduce some new fish to the pond. Pretty sure it was a rough start; Ben is an enthusiastic but not particularly gentle fish herder. Happy Birthday, Papa!

The weather has been terrific for out-of-doors activities. On Tuesday we hit up Carkeek Park for a little beach time.

Score! Two freight trains. Always a good start to a park outing (if you’re Ben).

Hmm, this umbrelly looks tasty. 

Today we went up to Everett to visit a farm and last weekend we took a trip out to NW Trek - a first for us. Pictures to come shortly.