Friday, August 01, 2014

Emma: First Food

We formally began introducing wee little Em to food this week. Our champion sleeper had started waking up in the middle of the night and I was having trouble keeping enough milk on hand for this thirsty girl. 

After consulting with Em's pediatrician, we decided to slowly introduce foods in the hopes that solids would keep her filled up and we could make it through the night uninterrupted. I was petitioning for a baby-led-weaning approach but her doctor decided that Em wasn’t quite ready; babies should ideally have fabulous head control and be solid sitters. Emma is still doing a bit of tripoding (supporting her sitting with both arms on the ground) so it appears that mushes and purees are in our immediate future. 

She was definitely interested in the spoon.

But initially unsure of the spoon’s contents.

Yuck. Ben was doing the spooning and his commentary was:”I don’t blame you, Baby Emma, I don’t like yams either!”

Thanks, kiddo.

Back for another attempt.

Right. This is going to be a process. 

Slowly but surely she got the hang of it: guiding in the spoon, tasting the contents, (and then spitting it out).

I realize most people don’t really care for watching a baby smear food all over the place...but we’re easily amused over here.

Honestly I’m not sure she’s actually consuming any of it. 

And that’s a wrap! Time to go hose her off.