Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Day In The Life of Baby Emma


I have a few fun events to show you from the past few weeks (hikes, Remlinger Farm, and Alaska!) but I’m stumbling around like a drunken sailor these days due to a baby that's on a sleep strike.

Not cool, Emma, not cool. 

So these little play-by-plays of Emma’s newest antics are about all I’m capable of these days.

A Day In The Life of Baby Emma

Oh, hey guys, what’s up? Wanna see my new trick? I’ve been practicing all morning.

Check it out:

Uggghh. Can you see how hard I’m working here? I’m grunting like crazy. That means I’m giving my very best effort. Picture those guys in the gym with the giant weights and you’ll get the idea. Grrrrr.

Oh heyyy, there’s a piece of banana on the floor. Excuse me for a minute while I have a mid-morning snack. I’m on the hobbit meal plan. 

And I’m back!

No, I’m not. Time for quick nap.

Nope. I’m back again. Annnnnd up! Good thing my thighs are the size of tree trunks; I’m as solid as a rock.

Are you paying close attention? This is the tricky part. 

The bad part about this new skill? I can’t get back down. So it’s either go all the way up or fall down. I’m telling you, it’s really nerve-wracking.

Damn, damn, damn. That was not supposed to happen. Thankfully I just filled up my diaper so it’s like an extra squishy pillow for the bum.


Welcome to babyhood; it’s all about the liquids.

But I’m ok. Can’t keep a good baby down. Let’s just delete that last photo, mkay?

‘Cause this is what you need to focus in on.


And for the grand finale:

Whoa. A little wobble.

But that ain’t no thang, it’s cool, peeps. I’m gonna stick this landing.

TA DA!!!! I am up! The one, the only, the amazing, BAAAAAABBBBY EMMA!!! 

I’m here all week, folks. 

Ahem. Can you tell how we spend our days ‘round here? Between Ben’s water balloon obsession and Emma’s crawling adventures, life is definitely keeping us on our toes.