Wednesday, September 17, 2014

From the Blog O Sphere

I suggested this morning to Ben that he should be a shark for Halloween so Emma could be this cute scuba diver... but I don’t think he’s going to ‘bite’.

Currently the leading contender is Superman. He’s never actually seen Superman so I’m not sure where the idea came but that what his heart is set on for today. Check back tomorrow as I’m sure it’ll be something different.

Speaking of comics, did you hear that Marvel came out with a new Spider Woman? Have a look. Also, thanks be to god for The Oatmeal.

How breastfeeding is viewed around the world. 

What would you do if you saw this mutant spider dog hurtling toward you in the dark? I would freak, for sure. (Thanks, A!). The video (below) is hilariously spooky.

One Woman, Many Surprises: Pacifist Muslim, British Spy, World War II Hero
This woman sounds amazing. Here is more about her life.  (Thanks, L!)

Here’s a lovely, social idea: Friday Night Meatballs: How to Change Your Life with Pasta

33 Things To Do Before Climate Change Ruins Everything. Nevermind that doing many of these things doesn’t help a changing climate.

We’ve been talking a lot about mental illness in our house this month as a few nearby North Seattle neighborhoods have been terrorized by a homeless man that screams, kicks cars, and tries to stuff people into his sleeping bag. He also has an unusual habit of turning on outdoor water faucets in the middle of the night, causing hefty water bills and swampy front yards. I was reminded of him as I was perusing this article this morning: It’s All Connected: What links creativity, conspiracy theories, and delusions? A phenomenon called apophenia.

48 Unexpected Views of Famous Events

I’ve been digging some of the articles on The Atlantic lately. Here are a few interesting ones:

  • Living Simply In A Dumpster [One professor left his home for a 36-square-foot open-air box, and he is happier for it. How much does a person really need?]

Poultry Firms Systematically Feed Low-Dose Antibiotics to Flocks. Ick. Just opened up a package of Foster Farms chicken about ten minutes ago.

And last but not least, my favorite of the bunch : Reclusive Deity Hasn’t Written A New Book in 2,000 Years.

Hailed by critics as one of the most important authors in recent millennia, the eccentric divinity is said to have long ago retreated from the public eye, eschewing a life of celebrity for one of solitude and quiet. To this day, experts confirmed, His artistic reputation rests exclusively upon His bestselling and highly acclaimed first work, the Bible.

The Onion wins the internet today, folks.