Friday, October 24, 2014

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How to Be An Adult: Don’t One Up [I am so guilty of this. Unintentionally guilty. That happened to you? Oh my god, me too, except mine was ... I do it more to connect with folks, as a way to reminisce over a shared/similar experience, but it often comes across as one-upping. We're all a work-in-progress, right?.]

40 portraits in 40 years (thanks, M!)

Can you pick out the Pacific Northwest accent? [Evidently I can’t]

Donald Sterling is a creepy guy. 

Seattle Schools with the most Unvaccinated Kids are in Wealthier Neighborhoods

Doing away with gender in design.  AMEN. I am so sick of this.

Francis Ford Coppola Talks Travel
The ultimate luxury is traveling with family. My family is spread around in different places, and travel means we can get together with the kids and see the grandkids and have time with them. At a certain point in your life, you get the idea that if you buy a new car, it's a thrill for about a week. After a while it no longer continues to give you that pleasure. Material objects are very short lived, but a memory with your family lives forever.

NSF-Backed Scientists Raise Alarm Over Deepening Congressional Inquiry  If you are a subscriber to The Chronicle, this article is worth reading. Politicians trying to exert control over processes they don’t understand and disagree with. [If you’re not a subscriber, shoot me an email ( and I’ll send it your way]