Monday, October 20, 2014

House Projects: Basement and Deck

I haven’t posted many pictures of the basement yet, mostly because I’m still plugging away at the little finishing details. I swear, the last 10% takes foreeeeevveeer. 

One of the things I like about my parent’s house and in-law’s house is that they have mudrooms and spaces for wet coats and muddy boots. It’s practically a requirement here in the soggy Pacific Northwest. 

Actually it’s not but it should be. Case in point: We don’t have a mudroom. But! We do have lots of space in the big room that’s right off the garage and is our main entry way into the house. 

 So last weekend I scrounged around for some extra trim pieces and made myself a little soggy coat storage rack.

Two levels: for the talls and the smalls. 

I also installed some shelving for shoes and other misc. items in our adjacent utility closet but those aren’t as pretty so you don’t get to see those. 

Eventually we’ll add a bench under the window with storage bins for gloves and hats but that requires a trip down to Ikea and that’s an undertaking I have to work up to. 

 And I put in shelving in the guest room closet. Viola! And we even have curtains! They’re not the world’s prettiest curtains but they’re blackout shades and that’s a requirement. We want our guests to be cosy in their subterranean dungeon concrete box.

 PS: Yes, that is a real fur coat and no, it’s not mine. Actually, I guess it is mine now. It belonged to my nana and I have no idea what to do with it. Dress up for the kiddies? There’s no way I could wear it out and about town. It seems like such a shame to not put it to some sort of use.

 In other news, we removed the big utility pole that was looming over the deck for the past five years:

This small change was a long time coming: we have to move three phone lines, one cable line, and one electrical line onto a new mast.

[Also, please don’t mind the messy deck furniture, I was trying, unsuccessfully,  to dry out the cushions]

This looks like a project for the trusty hack saw!

Now, if only I could get the power company to move that telephone pole that’s obstructing my view of the lake.

Actually, I asked them to and they said it would be $20k to move 500 feet of line and bury it underground. So that’s not gonna happen.

And can you tell that it’s raining in this photo? Welcome to Fall (Winter, and Spring) in Seattle!