Saturday, November 01, 2014

Halloween 2014

 Halloween began on a rather rough note for Ben as we started out with a trip to Urgent Care for a scratched cornea.

We learned that it takes three adults to physically restrain a three year old when it comes to administering (painless) eyedrops. But he was able to regroup a few minutes later and turn into a model patient for the doctor-in-training that swung by to observe the examination.

After that we zipped downtown for a visit to Chris’ office and then back home for a much needed nap (for the entire family).

And then....Halloween!

He and I have been working on his costume for a while. It finally came together last night after adding the patches to the bodysuit.

May I present:


The helmet is my favorite: paper mache with plastic from a 2-L bottle as the face shield.

Ben’s favorite part is the rocket pack: two 2-L bottles painted white with red felt flames.


I was going to do white shoes.. but ran out of time. I hear blue crocs are also pretty speedy in space.

As for the bodysuit, we took an old jumpsuit from goodwill and wrapped it in white duct tape. 

Never ever underestimate the power of duct tape.

Slap on a few printed logos and presto! DIY Space Explorer.

We’ve been running around the house all morning shouting To Infinity! And Beyond!

After our rough day, I considered bailing on trick or treating. But Ben, true to form, was having none of that. He rallied on a spectacular scale. Ironically, we opted not to wear the space explorer costume, as we were running late and I was mentally maxed out. He was wearing jeans so we added a hat, vest, and plaid shirt. Our little cowboy was now ready for the festivities.

We got to stop by Grandma’s house and then Uncle E’s house to practice our ‘trick or treating’ (and only selecting one candy) before heading over to a friend’s house for the main festivities.

Ben quickly adopted a new buddy and the two of them linked arms and ran house to house, collecting their goodies.

Spending time with friends and watching our kid have a fantastic time was great end to a hectic day. And, even better, corneas heal pretty quickly. He’s good as new today. Candy does a body good, evidently. :)