Thursday, February 05, 2015

Articles From The Blog-O-Sphere

I don’t have much to report around here. It’s your typical life-with-two-young-kids experience: pure chaos, all the time.

Actually, I take that back. Things around here are actually marginally calmer and have been for the past month. I’m almost scared to express that out loud, really, as life might revert back to its previous state of mayhem.

What can I say about last year? Chris worked too much, Ben was three (forget the Terrible Twos, lets hear it for the god-awful, no-good, horrible threes), and Emma was teething. (I can say that, because she’s got SEVEN fresh, pointy chompers that she’s been testing out with great gusto. Don’t ask me about nursing. It’s a sore subject right now).

But the past month has been ever-so-slightly more manageable. Ben has toned down a bit and will actually (occasionally) listen to reason. He’ll still jump off the cliff but at least he heard the objection to that particular course of action.

Emma is feeling her oats. We don’t produce shrinking violets around here, evidently. Fail to put food in front of her in a timely manner and she’ll take it upon herself to obtain it (even if that means stealing it from someone’s plate). She eats the entire family under the table.

Heaven forbid you have to leave for a minute to go pee. Leave with this:

Come back to this:

‘This stuff’s no good. Let’s see what Ben had for breakfast!'

Right, enough about stubborn babies. Let’s move on to bigger news and world events.

I think this is my most favorite eclectic collection of articles to date. Enjoy.

Coolest official astronaut photo ever. 

Taking the princess theme to the extreme. 

Every state described by a single sarcastic line.  WA: Trees, weed, coffee, rain.

Don’t flush it, sell it! (there are a lot of other lines I had for this link but this one is the most blog-appropriate)

Historical women that gave no f*$ks. (Thank you J!)

What happens when you challenge a Disney Park Gaston (Beauty & The Beast) to a push up contest

Best tip for photographing toddlers, from Anne Geddes, queen of the baby-in-a-flower-pot photo. 

The life of Chris (and other tall folk). 

Shake it off (courtesy of the Dover Police Dept).

I never thought Good Night Moon was weird. Until now.

Driving underage. 

I wish we didn’t have firsthand experience with this one, but evidently he’s moved to Seattle: Who keeps stealing all the Subarus in Portland? 

Happy almost-Friday peeps!