Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Pint-sized Party [invitations]

So I’m willing to admit that there is probably no good reason why a one-year-old needs to send out party invitations to her birthday bash,  given that the folks attending are exclusively family members. Especially in this age of email and telephones and other new-fangled devices.

But I unapologetically love cards. The look, the feel, and the excitement of getting real mail in the post box.

Some people watch tv, some read books, some craft beautiful quilts.

I mess around with party invitations.

So here is the invitation to Emma’s wee little fiesta. [Actually there are two. I couldn’t decide.] A few pertinent party details have been removed.

And here is Ben’s invitation. The kids are having joint B-day celebration. Woodland theme.  Ben is in full-on count down mode. Let the party commence!


PS: the artwork on Ben’s card is from the amazing and talented Lynn Costello Erskine of The Pear in Paper. She was wonderful to work with and made Ben a custom print for his wall, in addition to this digital print.