Saturday, February 21, 2015

Ben’s 4th Birthday: Party Details

Have I told you what good sports our family is? 

Exhibit #1:

Not only do they graciously help us celebrate our two wee tykes but they willingly embraced the whimsical toddler activities.   It reminded me of my second grade teacher Mrs. Roarback who came to my birthday part and then gleefully participated in the high heel relay races. 

[side note: how is it that none of us broke ankles participating in that particular stunt?!]

But back to the family: I think I’ll keep them. 

And they make quite fetching woodland wolves:

I'm especially partial to this one:

The forest gnome. Awesome sauce, peeps. You totally need this one at your next wedding photo booth. Robbie looks quite dapper, no? The jaunty bow tie makes the ensemble. 

The birthday boy doing a little ice cream cranking. 

Hedgy the Hedgehog! In all his glory. 

He is directly modeled off of this terrific version, available from Etsy seller Wunderlandhome.

I feel like he’s got his arms out, saying: “No!! Stop, do not smash me to smithereens!"

Sorry Hedgie, no mercy today, even after all that work. sniff.

Never get between a boy and his candy. 

Cake topper and invitation:

I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow that candle out:



Resource List:
Invitations: The Pear in Paper (I cannot rave about this Irish artist enough. She’s so fun to work with)
Piñata Inspiration: Wunderlandhome
Party Masks: The Quirky Quail
Birthday Shirts: Say It ’N Stitches