Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Bailey's Almost 30 Seconds of Fame

True Story:

 Last month, a scout for an advertising agency came to our door, wanting to see the inside of our garage. His company was shooting a Nissan commercial and needed a garage with an unfinished, wooden interior.

 And then he saw Bailey. Our old pup was napping on the porch but suddenly he was having his picture snapped and inquires being made into his ability to sit on a car's front seat and 'look happy'.

Oh, I so wanted to say yes.

 But our pup's days of front-seat-car-sitting are over. His hips are barely holding him up these days.

Sorry Bailey. You could have been famous.

 Now when I look out the window and see him snoozing in the sun, I imagine him dreaming of the glorious car ride that could have been.

 Needless to say, neither Bailey nor our garage made the final cut. But check out what came up on tv tonight during the basketball game: