Friday, June 12, 2015

News and Reviews

Happy Friday!

We are celebrating birthdays this weekend. Chris
finally caught up to me in the age department (as he does every year). I tell him that he should appreciate having a wife that’s older and wiser. :)

[At left] Ben and I are currently working on an art project for our bathroom using Africa photos and cheap engineer prints. We ended up going with the middle photograph (zebra). Wish us luck with our Mod Podge-ing later today. We’ll post pictures when it’s up.

Here are a few other links from around the internet this week:

Microbiologist takes a handprint and incubates the results.

Debunking the myth that only drivers pay for roads. 

I am so here.  I loved breastfeeding my first child but can’t wait to wean my second. 

Washington Sate is getting wildlife overpasses. 

The Fallen of WWII (worth watching, especially if you’re a history buff)

I love you, cat people. Just not your outdoor cats. It’s gardening season again, and I’m finding lots of ‘presents’ in my vegetable beds. You know, the same space that provides food for my children. No fun. And then there’s this interesting little tidbit. 

My Dears, do you know about the Five Love Languages? I am completely intrigued by them and am on a mission to identify them for all my family members.

A bit of background: The theory goes that people tend to have one or two ways in which they express their love for another person. In tern, people also generally like to receive love in the same way they give love.

So if you’re a person that enjoys finding the perfect gift for your grandmother, than you probably like to receive thoughtful gifts as well. But if your grandmother would rather spend the day with you going on a skydiving adventure, well then, best strap on your parachute, because you speak two different love languages.

Here are the different categories:

1. Words. Compliments, words of love, long letters
2. Time. A walk around the neighborhood, a special vacation, a long dinner with just the two of you.
3. Gifts. Flowers, a new chainsaw, a giant box of legos. (Ahem. We know Ben’s love language!)
4. Service. Washing your wife’s car, fixing the broken dishwasher, darning the hole in his sock.
5. Touch. Hugs, kisses, sex, holding hands.

I am all about Time and Touch while Chris tends toward Service. What’s your love language?!!

Happy Weekend.