Saturday, September 26, 2015

Hipcamp..coming soon


Have you heard of the campsite website
Hipcamp? I found it a few months ago when I was trying to find reviews of particular campsites.

Their write-ups are both hilarious and informative.

You know that all seafood BBQ you’ve been itching to throw? Take it to Seal Rock Campground where you can get the freshest of the fresh! With sites sitting right on the banks of the Hood Canal you can cross “groceries” off your to-do list and kiss the pre-frozen foods goodbye. The canal hosts everything from oysters to clams, crabs and shrimp, and even salmon. Just follow all the rules and regs for shellfish and let the feasting begin! After your post-food snooze go for a swim or float down the canal in your canoe and take in all the views. -Seal Rock Campground, Olympic National Park

The feature, I’m REALLY excited about though, is their Land Sharing program, which is just starting up.

Because, let’s face it, sometimes public campgrounds feel like this:

Photo source here

When this is what you’re really after:

Photo source: Happier Camper

The land sharing deal is this: anyone that has lots of undeveloped land can essentially rent it out to individuals or groups of campers using Hipcamp as the broker. Like an Airbnb of campsites. Some, like this one, have permanent accommodations; others allow you to bring your own tent, tipi, or (yes!) truck camper(!!!).

I am so jazzed about this proposition. This is a brand new setup, and most of the sites are currently in California, but *fingers crossed* hopefully some fine Washingtonians will open up their lovely secluded properties in the near future.

Speaking of which: If you happen to own such a piece of land in WA, OR, ID, or BC, and are interested in renting it out to a fantastic, polite family (ahem. My family, specifically), please email me. Major bonus points if it’s on a lake or river and has hiking trails in close proximity.   :)



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