Thursday, October 08, 2015

Emma: Closing in on Two

October is shaping up to be a hectic, busy month. 

Chris has some upcoming business trips, Ben has the ubiquitous Fall cold/cough, and Emma is in a weird nap limbo, plus she is working on four new teeth. Yowza.

But!! I’d forgotten how much I love this age. Little Emma is 1.75 years old and she is stretching her wings. It’s a big world out there and wee Emma is meeting it head on. 

Socially, she’s a bit more shy than her brother was at this age so I’ve had to shift my parenting from reigning in (you don't need to talk to everyone, Ben) to gently encouraging social independence. This little one is a Mama’s girl (stuck like a limpet!) through and through. 

Physically, though, she is bold and brave. Big kid slides? Climbing wall? BRING IT, WORLD. 

Turn your back for an instant and she is gone; off seeking the next adventure just ‘round the corner. 

Yesterday we met with some friends at our local gymnastics academy and Emma discovered the thrill of the foam pit. The child was in heaven.

She looks rather devious, no? Mischievous is this girl’s middle name.

With Ben, I loved ages 10 months through  2.9 years. He was mobile, talkative, curious, and adventuresome. 

And then age 3 hit and I wished we could crawl under a rock and seek shelter. Gosh, three was absolutely miserable. 

But four for Ben has been magnificent: he can reason, he can joke, and he is calm(er). And he’s stopped jumping off cliffs. Four is lovely. 

For right now, we’re just enjoying 1.5 and this sweet little girl. I’m trying to slow down and revel in each stage as they arrive, knowing now that they’ll all pass sooner or later, despite my wishes.

Emma adores her brother above all (cries inconsolably as we drop him off at preschool), loves to snuggle with her Bailey dog, refuses to stop nursing (despite what her mama wishes), and screams with delight whenever Chris does his best scary monster growl.

We love this little gal.

Super hero mask?   Check.
Warm sweatshirt?   Check.


Who needs ‘em, anyway?!